Balsa Bashing a P40 (Part 4)

Guillow’s Series 400 P40 Warhawk Build:

That’s the plastic parts and fairings glued into place.  A case of measure twice, cut once and carefully sand for a perfect fit.  I used liquid polystyrene cement throughout for the plastic and cyano for the balsa fairings.  A little more ‘persuasion’ was required for those, even with 1/32” balsa, and white glue was never going to set in time.

The cowling is held on with self-tapping screws into spruce blocks glued onto the firewall.  I would rather be able to get at the engine than permanently glue the cowling in place as per the instructions.  I’m very much doubt there is adequate cooling airflow.  Normally with enclosed engines you want a ratio of 1:2 inflow to outflow.  Any extra inflow without sufficient area for exit creates a ‘wall’ of air which inhibits any further fresh intake.  Short of cutting the base of the cowling there is little else I can do to keep any potential cooling holes in the cowling concealed.  It may just be best to run it rich – it’s not as if a free-flight power runs (or perhaps that should read ‘free flight models’!) last for long.

Instead of thin card I used 1/32″ balsa for the fairings.  Simply personal preference as I find it easier to shape and glue into place.

The cowling is removable for convenience and takes with it the overlapping parts of the exhausts and top air scoop.

The front and rear belly pan cowlings clean up the lines nicely. A bit of filling will be required to blend in undercarage nacels at the wing leading edge. Next step is painting – looking forward to that part!

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