Defining ‘As-New’

In one of my earlier posts I described why I purchased this particular Shuttle and why it means so much to me.  Well, getting the Shuttle fully restored has taken a while but here she is in all her glory.  Waiting for parts to come up on eBay has been the biggest hurdle.  I like my machines to look ‘as-new’ and it seems that ‘excellent condition’ is a matter of opinion when it comes to spare parts.  Still with a bit of patience I got all the parts I wanted.  The unused canopy and sticker set were the luckiest find and really finish the model off.

The now clean and refurbished OS 32SX-H was installed and a nice tidy (period correct for the Z-TS) CSM ICG360 gyro now resides on the mounting plate.  It’s currently got a MK1 rotor head but the rest is Shuttle Z-TS; albeit with an original Hirobo metal swashplate and now fully ball raced.  Personally I quite like the MK1 head with its metal grip plates and flybar arms plus it gives this model a bit of history allowing her to stand out from the rest.

Fully restored with replacement canopy and stickers.


Cleaned OS 32-SXH and CSM ICG360 gyro installed. Good as new.


To my mind there has never been a canopy system before of since like that on the Shuttle. With the sliding rail mechanism the canopy is ‘part’ of the machine as opposed to bolted over.

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