Balsa Bashing a P40 (part 6)

Guillow’s Series 400 P40 Warhawk Build:

Well, it’s taken a while but I’ve finally finished it. Having made the engine cowling detachable I had not helped myself when it came to the tiger shark decals.  With lots of Klear (Johnsons) I managed to coax them into position and make a successful cut in the right place.   A little touch up of the teeth with paint around the front of the cowling finished off the front end nicely. The rest of the decals were applied over a localised pre-coat of Klear before the entire model was sprayed with satin fuel proofer (Flair spectrum) to both seal the decals in and protect the model from the glow engine up front.

With only top-entry fill and overflow pipes on the Cox .020 Pee Wee’s tank it does not matter where the tubing is placed. Not wanting to spoil the top of the cowling with any further holes I elected to route the filling tubing below the engine with the portion sticking out hidden among the shark’s teeth.

The final picture shows it on display hanging from the ceiling in pride of place above the breakfast bar. Unfortunately Rachael took one look at it and with words to the effect of “DOWN NOW!” I’m going to have to find a new home for it…..

Gulliows P40 Finished

Front Left.

Gulliows P40 Finished

Front Right. The guns were made from the wooden doweling supplied in the kit for use with the rubber motor powered version.

Gulliows P40 Finished

Rear Left. The pitot tube was constructed from a toothpick.

Gulliows P40 Finished

Rear Right.

Gulliows P40 (R12) Finished (19.04.14)

Ok, the poor engine is swinging an oversize 6×3 ” propellor but the correct 4.5×2 ” barely clears the cowling and wouldn’t be much use.

Gulliows P40 Finished

close up of the tiger shark markings. The auxiliary fuel tank was carved from balsa.

Gulliows P40 Finished

Cox .020 Pee Wee installed with filling and overflow pipes routed using ligthweight saddle clamps.  The Pee Wee is a great little engine and was first introduced in 1957!

Gulliows P40 Finished

Cockpit Right.

Gulliows P40 Finished

Cockpit Left.

Gulliows P40 Finished

On display…. albeit temporary!

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed building this kit. I’ll leave you with this build sequence slide show of the build from start to finish:

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