Balsa Bashing a P40 (Part 1)

Guillow’s Series 400 P40 Warhawk Build:

I’ve always been a fan of Guillow’s kits finding them well engineered and very comprehensive.   Many are now converted to micro RC and I did toy with doing this but in the end I decided to build this one as a glow powered free flight/display and will build it for the most part as per the instructions.  The current series 400 kits include laser cut parts but my particular kit must have passed through the net and contained the traditional die-cut parts.  Not to worry though as the parts were soon released from the sheets.  Some formers and spars did need a little work to reduce the size of the stringer slots but overall the frames went together smoothly using white glue throughout.  I always start with the wings.  If I start with the fuselage I spend so long admiring it that I never get around to the rest!

Guillows P40 (A) Ribs Glued

Ribs glued in place

Guillows P40 (B) Top Spars Glued

Top spars glued in position

Guillows P40 (C) Dihedral Set

Dihedral Set (and obligatory tea in my favourite Edinburgh Neuroscience mug)

Guillows P40 Completed Wing

Completed Wing

Guillows P40 (E2) Tail Surfaces Construction

Tail surfaces constructed – nothing complex about these

Guillows P40 (F) Tail Surfaces Sanded

Tail surfaces completed and sanded smooth

Guillows P40 (G) Fuselage Formers

Fuselage formers glued into place. ‘All-Square’ gauges ensure everything is at 90 degrees.

Guillows P40 (H) Opposite Fuselage Formers Added

Opposite fuselage formers added

Guillows P40 (I2) Fuselage Stringers Completed

Stringers added to complete the fuselage

Guillows P40 (J) Plastic Parts Cut Out

Plastic parts cut out and sanded to shape

Guillows P40 (K) Dry Assembly

Dry assembly prior to covering

Guillows P40 (K2) Dry Assembly

Looking good already!

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