Fixing a Fixed-Pitch (Part 1)

Having completed a collective version of the MFA sport 500, the bug had bitten and I decided to keep an eye out for a fixed pitch version to restore.  I didn’t have to wait long as parts are plentiful and come up often.  First job was to strip it all down and clean everything (I used antifreeze in a pan to do this).  From then it was simply a case of choosing the best parts and putting it back together. This is about as far as I can go for now; I will need to keep an eye out for the remaining parts as and when they come up for sale.

MFA Sport 500 Fixed-Pitch.

The main chassis just about squeezed into the pan on the hob but it cleaned up well. The real beauty of this cleaning method is that the original finish is retained and not lost following polishing/sanding etc.

Rebuilt rotorhead now good as new.

A couple of incomplete tail gearboxes, once stripped down, yielded enough parts to assemble one complete gearbox in original condition.

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