I occasionally take the skills from my workshop into the kitchen and construct the odd cake for friends’ birthdays, colleagues’ leaving parties etc. They are fun (if messy!) to make, are not going to win any prizes and my friends can have any flavour they want as long as it’s plain sponge cake!

Cat cake

Cat shaped cake for a dear friend’s 40th birthday. Based on her real black and white cat named ‘Waffle’ 🙂

Apollo 10 Cake

Apollo (10) Command module cake for a good friend and co-volunteer at The Science Museum

Wonder Woman Cake

Wonder Woman cake for a good friend’s birthday – I won’t give away her age 😉

Trophy cake

Trophy cake for a colleague’s leaving party. She went beyond the call of duty in raising money for Water Aid hence the water logo

Dachshund Cake

Dachshund cake for my mother’s birthday (a big 0!)

Water Quality themed Cake

A Water Quality themed cake for a colleague/friend’s leaving party.

Environmental Quality Cake

An “Environmental Quality” themed cake for work… water = aquatic life = crocodile??

Hey Duggie Cake

Hey Duggee cake for my niece’s 2nd birthday 🙂

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