Oxford Boss Alarm Lock (16mm) Refurb

I’ve had my trusty Oxford Monster Boss alarm lock for several years. It gets used daily as a padlock in combination with a ground anchor and security chain. Aside from the occasional squirt of WD40 into the lock and the odd set of new batteries for the Alarm it’s been maintenance free. It is however looking decidedly grubby – the result of an unforgiving concrete floor and contact with said chain.

With the alarm module removed the main casing was first scrubbed with Cif cream (micro beads) followed by a little wet-&-dry paper on the worst scratches to the casing. The lock body was then sprayed liberally with WD40 to dispel all water before drying off. New batteries in the alarm module were fitted for good measure.

The shackle was attacked with a stiff wire brush followed by wet-&-dry paper. A quick coat of Kurust prepped the surface for a nice thick layer of black rubberised coating (I used Plasti-Dip).

The end result doesn’t look half bad. I have no doubt this lock will happily last many more years (of neglectful handling). A testament to solid build quality.